Vacation: Day 2 & 3

**Warning - Long, non-craft related post ahead**

After our adventure on Day 1, DH and I both needed something relaxing. But...that's not what I had planned!  I had scheduled a whitewater rafting trip for Sunday morning. So with our newly acquired rental car we headed out at the crack of dawn. For me, the time before we head out in the raft is terrible - my mind automatically goes straight to the worst. Before we rafted the first time I actually read the disclaimer you have to sign - I almost didn't get in the boat! Our lead guide this year was awesome, and I quickly felt at ease and the excitement started to build. (I would post pictures, but we didn’t by them – they can be found here . That’s me getting ready to be hit with a wall of water!) Our trip took us down 5 miles of river with class II & III rapids (on a scale of VI), and I’m happy to say that I stayed in the raft – even after it almost dumped all 6 of us out!  I did learn if we’re going to raft to book our trip towards the end of our vacation – I was really sore afterwards. After our trip we went back to the condo to rest and wait for my parents to get there.  We had dinner with them overlooking the lake with the sun setting over the mountains.

The next day we headed out to Chimney Rock Park to hike to the water fall (where Last of the Mohicans was filmed) and then head to the top to see the view from the overlooks.
The water level was really low this day
Isn't it beautiful?!?

We wanted to return the rental since my parents were there, so we drove into Asheville and introduced my parents to my absolute FAVORITE restaurant – 12 Bones! They are only open M-F 11am-4pm and there is ALWAYS a line, but it’s definitely worth the wait. They make their own sauces like blueberry chipotle, strawberry jalapenos, and pineapple habanera that are just amazing. We ate there 3 times last year, and 3 more times this year- it’s SO good!

After lunch we went on a boat tour of Lake Lure. I never realized how beautiful the lake was – and the multi-million dollar houses were almost surreal. Parts of Dirty Dancing were filmed on Lake Lure, but all of the buildings were burned down by arson, but we did see the stairs Baby (Jennifer Gray) runs down carrying watermelons. They are developing these lots now, and they are going for a mere 1.2 million! There were several houses with waterfalls outside, a pink house whose owner has white sand flown in from Florida every other year for his wife to have a white sandy beach, houses with trolley systems for easier access to the boat house and so much more! The largest house on the lake was over 13,000 sq. ft and had been a wedding present from the owner of the pink beach house to his son and daughter-in-law! This same man was building a castle – seriously- costing over $12 million for his wife, and passing on the pink beach house to his daughter. I would love to even be the black sheep in that family tree- I don’t need one of those huge houses, just one of the little ones on the other side of the lake!
View of the Lake

The Castle House

Tuesday we went to the Biltmore House! Last year, this was one of my favorite things – I’m in total awe of this house! This year it was completely packed with people – with no room to move around the people who were holding up the line. It’s one of those places I believe everyone needs to see once- but I don’t know that we’ll go again for a while. It’s like a historical amusement park – they even have photographers around the grounds to take your picture! If anyone’s going to be in that area I definitely suggest visiting it - but it takes about 2-3 hours to tour the house so I don’t suggest bringing small children.
View of the Biltmore

Me cheesing - I hate having my picture taken!

I hope everyone's week is going well.

I'm going to go find dinner for DH and I and I hope to get inky tonight!

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