My Favorite Things...in April and Miscellany

April was a MUCH better month than March - thank goodness!

Oh. My. GOODNESS! These lovelies are my FAVORITE Easter candy - especially frozen (I get it from my Dad). The perfect peanut butter/chocolate proportion. I don't usually buy but a single one before Easter, but I'm like a mad-woman in the clearance aisle the day after. This year, Tim and I decided to go out Easter evening to Walmart to see what we could find. Now, just a couple days before there had been an entire skid FULL of Reese's eggs, but that night there wasn't a single egg to be found. I was crushed! Luckily, the local Rite Aid doesn't get much business, so I was able to score big Monday after work.

I haven't bought myself a new pair of sneakers since 2004 - seriously, before I left for college my Freshman year. I got a SUPER steal on these thanks to coupons and some Kohls cash. I LOVE them.

I was on Etsy one day killing time and stumble across Long Winter Farm lips balm. I got a pack of 5 on blind faith and don't think I'll ever use another lip balm again. I ordered Lemon, Hot Cocoa, Raspberry Lime, Chocolate Raspberry and Brown Sugar. I'm just shy of obsessed and there is almost always a tube of lip balm within reach.

 My FAVORITE thing from April was hitting the 1 yr mark at my current job. One of the greatest perks of my job is at one year you get a day at home. I've chosen Wednesdays as my day at home, and I love the 15 second commute and spending the day in my PJs with Netflix while I work.

Now for the miscellaneous announcements.

No one claimed the two sets of buttons from the Sweet Sixteen giveaways, so I've drawn 2 more names.

Michele (Derby) and Amy K., you're numbers are up! Please contact me by Monday, May 9 at amybeth.everson@gmail.com with your address and I'll get those out to you.

On one last, final, note is I would like tell everyone about my cousin Pam's Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Charlotte this October. Pam is leading a team to raise $14,000 for breast cancer research. This is the amount of one chemotherapy treatment. She was inspired to do this because her mother (my aunt) recently won her battle with breast cancer. You can find Pam's website here.

Thanks for stopping by!


I'm Renee said...

I love this post!
Love the Reese's eggs...
just something about it being in "egg" shape :)
There were tons down here on clearance...
but none of the Jelly Belly's I was searching for :(
I'm so glad you get a work day at home...
my sis does it a couple days a week and she LOVES it!
I do it everyday when the kiddies aren't in school...
love my pj days :)
Have a wonderful week!

Laura Isham said...

SO glad that April was better than March, Amy!

I love those Reeses eggs, too. They are way better than the regular Reeses cups for some reason. Easter Bunny magic, I bet! ;)

I'm glad that you get to stay home one day a week for work! How convenient is that? But, if it were me, at this point in my life I would have to pass on that perk. With 3 small kids at home, I am guaranteed to get nothing done!

How great of your cousin to do the Avon Walk. Its no joke! It takes serious commitment to walk that distance. I'm off to go check out her website!

Thanks for sharing your favorite things!! Love when you do it!

Amy said...

Oh my Amy! I LOVE LOVE these Reese's eggs....Look forward to them every year but I've never tried them frozen! I'll have to try that! And for a day of work at home? How sweet!!! That would be a perk for sure! Thanks for the buttons!!

christy compton hall said...

SO glad to hear this has been a better month for you! Congrats on earning a telecommute day for a year of hard work too :)