Radio Silence

Test...Test...anyone there?

So, blog friends, it's been a while. That might not even be a fair statement - it's been a long while.

It's safe to say that life derailed the blogging train I was on, but I'm back! I thought it would fun to catch up a little on where I've been, what I'm doing now, and where this little blog is headed in the future.

Where have I been?

Since the last time I posted, I started a new job, graduated with a masters degree, remodeling half the house, T started a new job (or three), attended lots of weddings and pre-wedding functions, traveled like crazy, hosted a couple of parties, and in general had a ton of fun.

What's going on now?

Here's what I realized after graduation - I lost my mind during grad school. No question about it - almost every conversation was about grades and papers and whatever environmentally based project I was working on at the time. It's been nice to take a step back and just breathe. And that's what I'm trying to do...relax, breathe, enjoy things. We're still working on the house one DIY project at a time. I'm gathering inspiration from all over and T still is cursing under his breathe when I say "I saw this on Pinterest..."

So what about the blog?

When I first started this blog way back when it was a medium for me to share my cards and other crafty projects with crafty friends. I'm still going to do that, but I also hope to showcase more of the other things a well, such as home improvement and home decor projects, a little cooking, a little make-up...just a whole lot of life.

The blog will be seeing some changes soon, starting with a new name, a move to another platform and a facelift (More on that later).

I hope you'll stick around as the dust clears and thanks for sticking around through the radio silence.

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