I've known for awhile now that I wanted to start a blog. I followed a dear friend of mine on her travels throughout Asia. I planned with a garden of brides as they, as well as myself, prepared for the big day. And I wait anxiously for inspiration from sneak peeks, previews, and information on new releases from my favorite stamping company. My Google Reader never closes and when it shows an unread post it's like a note from a friend! But when it comes to starting my own I draw a blank. I've started a number of posts only to feel stuck. I want my blog to be about something - like those I am so drawn to - but I'm not a world traveler, or a bride-to-be anymore, and I'm nervous about putting my crafts out there for people to see. I realized, though, as my Reader flashed with a new message that what makes me so drawn to these posts are the people behind them - the kinship I feel with the people I've never met. So I'm ready - ready to share the happenings in the life of 2 newlyweds and where this adventure we are one will lead us.

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Danisha said...

It is intimidating I know, but you are goind a great job!!! Loved the post about the Peachy Chicken!!! You are a good writer and you are funny! Can't wait to get to know you better and see what other creations you make!