Cooking for Dummies

I will be the first to admit I'm not the best cook. In the 6 months since we've been married I've tried and failed a number of recipes to only get one really right - I can fry deer steak. I'm not sure how exactly I learned, except from watching my mother-in-law and T's grandma on a number of occasions. That method hasn't helped me with anything else though. From my first experience trying to cook corn on the cob - when the fire department almost had to be called if it hadn't have been for my extensive RA training on using a fire extinguisher, to the simple fact that now our smoke detector goes off every time the oven gets turned on, it is needless to say that my adventures in the kitchen have been limited.

Tonight I decided to try a new recipe. One I found on the back of a malt vinegar bottle while sitting at Five Guys. Peachy Chicken. To me, it sounded fantastic - peaches, chicken, malt vinegar, just enough spice to keep it interesting, over a nice bed of brown rice. The recipe was really simple - cut the chicken into pieces, add spices, simmer, add corn starch and water to thicken it - nothing I couldn't handle. Made the rice and waited for the verdict....

...there were leftovers.

To most people this wouldn't seen surprising. But most people aren't married to my husband. My husband can put away some food - especially if it's good food. So the leftovers tells me one thing - scrap the recipe and move onto something else.

So goodbye Peachy Chicken and the promise you once held.

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