My Favorite Things...in January

The end of January already...hard to believe! One of the features I love about some of the blogs I read are the favorite things lists. If it's a feature you enjoy, stop by one the 1st of each month to see what rounds out the top 5.

1. Snow days
January brought with it snow - not too much, but enough to grant hubby and I a few days at home. I LOVE my commutes during snow - down the stairs, to the coffee pot, making my final stop wrapped in a blanket with my laptop on the couch. Here's to more snow days just like it! 

2. Hot Chocolate
I've been working for the last few years to perfect a homemade hot chocolate recipe. I've researched on the internet, used the recipe on the back of the cocoa box and I've FINALLY gotten what's the best combination for us. 

ETA: I really meant to add this in before I scheduled it - but you know how it goes - something about the best of intentions....

This is the dry mix recipe that is more important than eggs and milk a staple at our house:
3 cups dry nonfat milk
1.5 cups sugar
3/4 cup Hersheys Cocoa
1 cup powdered creamer
Salt (I don't measure this, but I pour maybe a dime sized amount on my hand twice)

When I'm feeling adventurous, or simply have the stuff on hand, I add mini chocolate chips, or M&M minis, for a added punch of chocolate. 

3. Netflix on Wii

On my snow days I realized just how FABULOUS a netflix instant queue actually is. The fact that all 11 seasons of my favorite TV show are available at any time just made me overjoyed during my period of cabin fever. 

4. Vera Bradley Spring Colors
Have you seen the new Spring colors from Vera Bradley? They just scream happiness and instantly make me smile. I picked up this ereader cover a couple of weeks ago and keep it in my purse. Just brightens my day! 

5. PTI Forum

This may be a recurring favorite thing every month. I love the friends I've made there and the overwhelming support available. These ladies (and Ted) have an unbelievable way of restoring my faith in people when things just aren't going my way. 

Thanks for stopping by!


Laurie said...

Love your new blog look Amy! And I love reading about your favorite things! Any chance you might share that cocoa recipe? hehe! I am so happy for the forum too! So glad we had a chance to "meet"! :)

christy compton hall said...

Doing a top five is such a fun idea - I haven't seen this so it's new to me :) The hot cocoa recipe sounds sinfully good.