Work in Progress

I can describe everything in our house right now as a work in progress. A giant series of puzzle pieces as to how the house can go together, a list of things that need done before other things, and a series of almost finished projects. 

Today, I wanted to give you peaks of two of my current favorite works in progress. 

First up in my craft room. My hubby endured 2 weeks of late nights and road blocks to get it done for me. (Who knew that adding wainscoting to the wall would cause such a snowball effect!?!) I'm not the easiest person to please when it comes to home improvement. I'm not really good with the middle area where not everything is perfect. Definitely something I'm working on improving as we tackle the rest of the house. 

Here is the room with no furniture in it. I have moved in, but I'm not 100% pleased with the layout and design yet, so we're headed to Ikea this weekend to see if I can find anything that will work better. New paint and wainscoting in the room. 

All of the trim and doors in the room had been cream so they got a fresh coat of high gloss and new knobs on the closet doors. 

This is one of my favorite features. I picked up this light fixture at the local ReStore for $10. Tim took it apart and spray painted it to match the rest of the house. 

The second project I want to share was inspired by this project. 

Thanks to some lovely forum friends who loaned me their dies so I didn't have to kill my shoulder cutting out circles one at a time, it's been really simple project. 

I still have to fill in the middle of the circle so you can't see the styrofoam when it hangs, but it's almost complete. 

Thanks for stopping by today!


Laura Isham said...

Gorgeous! The room is so bright with the green and white. Great choices! Your wreath is truly stunning. I love it in red.

Good luck with all of the new house trials and tribulations. It will be so worth it when its all done!

I can't wait to see your craft room when it is just the way you want it.

Leigh said...

Oh, your wreath is beautiful! I LOVE it in red!!

Sue Ann said...

Girl I know how you feel about the remodeling thing and it not being perfect ...... in our last house the walls were plaster 100 year old plaster and they were not smooth and that is all I saw ...... what you are showing me right now is BEAUTIFUL ........ love the color and against the white ........ very fresh!!! Love the wreath ROCK ON GIRL ....... BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Michelle said...

Hi Amy
I love the colour of your craft room can't wait to see it all finished.
Wow!! I can see you have been very busy absolutely love the wreath you have created x