Asheville Vacation - the first 24 hours

I'm going to try and break up our vacation posts to not bombard everyone with information all at once.

We set out the first night with no real plans except to drive until we were tired, find a room and go from there. We made it all the way to Asheville the first night, only to find the first 6 hotels we tried didn't have a vacancy -we did find a place at  lucky #7, but it wasn't exactly what we had planned. It reminded me of a hotel you see in movies where criminals hide out - or in this case very exhausted travelers.

The next morning the sun was shining and it looked like things were picking up. We hung out in Asheville - ate a fantastic breakfast at a restaurant called Posana, painting some pottery at Fired Up! and visited some of our favorite downtown spots. We checked into the welcome center and got back in the car to find the condo...it wouldn't start. Now, I should have planned better because my car has been acting up on and off in the heat - but after a try or two it's usually fine. Not this time...after 30 minutes of trying to start it to no avail we decided it was time for a tow truck, a rental car, dinner, and some sleep. Our roadside assistance was completely useless - they tried 17 different towing companies and no one could come to our remote location. After trying 3 companies on my own I finally found one that could come, arranged for the taxi to pick us up at the Ford dealership, made a reservation for a rental car and was hopeful everything would go well. By this time it had finally started for Tim, and he was afraid to turn it off. A quick call to cancel the wrecker, and we were on our way to the dealership to drop it off.

To cut the rest of the story short - the taxi cap was WAY more than we had expected, the rental company didn't have a car for me and I reached my stress point in the middle of the Asheville Airport. Somewhere after I burst into tears and yelled at the lady from said car rental agency, Enterprise assured me that they had a car for me things finally got back on track.

We finally made it to the condo and our first 24 hours in Asheville had passed in a mix of frustration, exhaustion, and excitement because we love that city so much.

I'll back back soon with more of the story and some pictures of our adventures.


Keva said...

Oh my goodness...I'm so sorry. I was imagining myself in your shoes and almost cried sitting here at my desk. There is nothing worse on a trip than car trouble. It just makes you feel so lost...ugh.

Danisha said...

Oh, you poor thing!!! I would have been frustrated as well! My hubby would have been so much worse than me however, if that happend to us!!!! Hope the rest of your vacation was so much better!