My Favorite Things...in May!

Hi guys!!

First of all I have to apologize for being MIA. I promised to be back and have projects a couple of weeks ago...obviously, that didn't happen, but I really had the best of intentions, and we all know how that goes.

So here are my favorites from May

1. So You Think You Can Dance
This is my absolute FAVORITE summer TV show. I love it. I love that the judges don't take themselves too seriously and you can just feel the fun atmosphere.

2. House Hunting
This is a favorite and kinda not. I'm beyond thrilled that Tim and I have decided to start the house hunt, but at the same time I have all of those first time home buyer butterflies. I can't wait to find our home. 

3. Summer Vacation

I started my self-imposed summer vacation officially on Monday. Two months of class-free relaxation. Tim has students for 3 more days and only works for 5 more. I'm so excited for us to have some time for fun (and house hunting) this summer.

4. Simple Little Things
This one's really personal - but this whole post is pretty much personal, so what better time to share it.

Tim and I will have been married for two years this summer, and throughout I've struggled with feelings of not being accepted by his family on a consistent basic. The picture above was taken during the party we helped to throw for Tim's Grandma's 80th birthday. The grandchildren's picture - the first one in two years I was included in. This picture also makes me laugh. We were all asked to wear white. We don't really follow directions well...

5. Winning the Battle, Hopefully the War

In August I went to war against the minus sign, and this week I won a small battle. As an undergrad "A"s and "A-" held the same weight - the minus was actually my friend. Then I realized that as a grad student it was no longer my friend and the battle lines were drawn. Until now, the score was minus sign 3, Amy 0. But not anymore! Monday I found out that I was the victor of battle 4, with a regular "A"!!! I still have 8 more courses to go, we'll have to wait and see the outcome of those!

Thanks for stopping by today. I promise to be back Friday with a card.

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Laura Isham said...

Wanna know what my favorite is? You, Amy! The mailman dropped off an extra special surprise for me this morning and I couldn't be more grateful! I forgot that you PMd me offering one of your extra Anniversary sets a few months ago, so when I got the package from you today, I was surprised and so excited. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! You have no idea how much it means to me. I've had a really rough month, and your generous gift really lifted my spirits.

I really love reading your "Favorites" posts every month. I'm glad that you are making improvements with your in-laws.

Enjoy your free time! You deserve it....especially with those grades!!!