My Favorite Things...in June!

Hi guys!

I just wanted to pop in today for my traditional monthly favorite things post.

1. The One
For Tim and I, June revolved around one huge all encompassing thing:
We were house hunting for about 6 weeks when we stumbled this gem nestled in the woods. Good news: the listing agent had done a terrible job marketing it (in my opinion) with lack-luster pictures that don't showcase it's best features. Bad news: it's a short sale. We put in an offer the same day we saw it and have been anxiously waiting for an answer. We're still hopeful, but the wait is beginning to take a toll.

2. Pin It!
Pinterest has pretty much taking the crafting world by storm, and I'm definitely no exception. I love that I can file all the inspiration out there into one place. But it's also been a great way for Tim and I to keep track of ideas we have for the house we hope will soon be ours.

3. Love is in the Air

Two of my high school best friends tied the knot this month, and Tim and I were so honored to be invited to share the day with them. Isn't her dress beautiful?! A beautiful wedding, a beautiful reception, and a beautiful couple!

4. Childhood Fun

As far back as I can remember, before my grandmother really got sick, we played some kind of game as a family each time we visited - which was pretty much every weekend. Since she passed away 3 years, games have felt slightly forbidden.

My grandfather turned 80 this month, and my uncle was visiting from out of town, and it seemed like the perfect time for a game of UNO. It brought back so many great memories, and I'm looking forward to playing  many more hands in the near future.

5. Country Livin'

I love hay season - seeing all the bales spread across the fields and the patterns created from where the bales are dropped. The only bad thing is that alfalfa makes me allergies flare now, but I still love the smell and driving with the windows down. This is what summer is all about.

Thanks for stopping by today!


I'm Renee said...

Good luck on the house!!!
It looks fabulous...
love that drive! :)
I would LOVE to be in a setting like that!
Of course with my nerves of jell-o and an active imagination...
it probably wouldn't be a good idea for me to be in that kind of setting because with every storm I would see Jason or someone at the door and the police would eventually arrest me for too many calls :(
But Congrats to the lovely couple...
love UNO...
addicted to Pinterest...
and totally agree about that fresh hay smell...
just something about it!
But hate hauling it!

Laura Isham said...

I always love reading your favorites each month! Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way for that beautiful house!!!

I hope that your July brings you happiness, fun, and a new house!!!!

Teresa Kline said...

I hope everything goes your way on the house...it is gorgeous....I am getting ready to open a Pinterest account, I am however NOT happy that you have to have FB/Twitter account....I did not want either. I am going to sign up for the Twitter just to pin...I will not use the Twitter...this is something I have been debating for months....I do not like being told you have to have "this" to get "this"....don't back baby in a corner, you know....lol....tfs the photos and stories...have a super week!

enjoy *~*

christy compton hall said...

Good luck with the short sale process! And I'm newly obsessed with Pinterest too :)