Dear Blog Readers...

I have missed you.

I never really intended to take a blogging break, but sometimes life just happens like that sometimes.

I'll recap quickly what's happened since I last had time to blog:

  • I started classes again and was faced with the toughest course I've had yet - luckily that course finished yesterday
  • Went on vacation to Asheville
  • Saw Wicked in DC (AWESOME!!!)
  • Had our offer accepted by the seller's short sale bank
  • Found out there was a second lien on the home and we were back to waiting
  • Got approval from the second lien and started the appraisal, inspection, water, termite, etc, process
  • Lost a good friend and a co-worker, both under 25, suddenly and senselessly
  • Closed & moved into our new house
  • Had numerous break-downs from stress - the funniest now, but worst at the time, involved me sitting on the kitchen floor late at night with the crock pot on my lap crying because the people who lived in our house before us left stuff in the freezer and then turned the power off in the house. Talk about a gross smell! 
Tim has been wonderful enough to work on my craft room first, so it's in the process of being repainted, and having some other cosmetic updates before I start to settle in an unpack. I can't wait!! I'm definitely getting the itch to make something!! 

Thanks for stopping by, 


Sue Ann said...


Cathy Weber said...

I am so glad you got into your house! I wondered whether you had. Moving into a house is hard enough, but sounds like those people were jerks and sorry you had to have that little meltdown, but been there, done that too! Glad you're back, now let's see some cards!

Michelle said...

Great to see you back Amy, I did snigger to myself the thought of you sitting on the kitchen floor .
Cant wait to see your crfat room so make sure Tim gets a move on lol
Hope my card has arrived.
Take care
Shelley xx

Laura Isham said...

So good to "see" you, Amy! I've been wondering how you have been doing. I very sorry to hear about your friend and coworker. My heart goes out to you and the families. Its way too young to lose someone.

A HUGE congrats on the house! I hope that you will take pictures of your new craft room and share them with us!

Can't wait to see your upcoming creations!

Pam said...

You know when you get things settled and the holidays are over...you'll be back with a vengeance. Can hardly wait!